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Chris Raine

Founder and CEO
Hello Sunday Morning


Chris is the Founder and CEO of Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) – an organisation that helps people to change their relationship with alcohol. Hello Sunday Morning was started after one particularly bad hangover when Chris was 22 years-old. By the end of that year (2009) HSM had helped change the lives of 20 people. Five years later, thanks to the support of governments across Australia and New Zealand, the HSM community now sits at over 60,000 people, with each one of their stories an essential contribution to a better drinking culture. Different from traditional approaches to alcohol treatment – the philosophy of the organization is to build technology that helps people to develop a mindful understanding of WHY they drink and ultimately change HOW they drink, over time. In 2014 Chris received a Skoll scholarship in Social Entrepreneurship to undertake an MBA in Oxford.