Our program is designed to bring you ideas from the very edge and people who are the thinkers and doers leading the charge toward a purpose-driven world. They each bring a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of purpose-driven business.


Daniel Stone

Principle Co.

Daniel brings technology, stories and people together to create behavioural change.

He and the team at PrincipleCo run major issue and electoral campaigns at the international, national and state levels. If you’ve followed a recent election in Australia, you’ve seen his work – which has reached over 5 million people.

An award winning researcher and experienced communicator, Daniel is skilled at identifying and connecting with the people who can actually affect an outcome.

He is fascinated by the impact of technology on the future of civil society.
PrincipleCo use creative storytelling and data targeting to build strong movements and healthy communities. They have built some of the largest and most active advocacy communities in Australia, working in partnership with Australia’s most respected advocacy organisations and NGOs. Acting with purpose, these communities have come together to change government policy, corporate practice and even governments.