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Johanna Scott

Make Do Co.


Johanna Scott is the founder of Make Do Co., an organisation aimed at fostering a culture of change makers empowered to pursue values-led business and purposeful living.

Make Do Co. is the combination of Johanna’s past experience in communications, design, lean startup thinking and behavioural design; and her passions for writing, yoga, permaculture, creativity and meditation. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, has a Permaculture Design Certificate and continues study in each discipline.

Prior to starting her own business she supported numerous non-profits and values-led businesses in communications and community building in the design, technology and lifestyle categories. Johanna is passionate about good food and sustainable food systems, connected communities and Permaculture. She is voracious reader and mint-chip ice cream fanatic.

Make Do helps organisations grow their third metric and improve their end impact on the world. We also want to help entrepreneurs kick off new ventures that rewrite the definition of success. We offer public classes, business learning and immersive retreats.