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Mark Daniels

Head of Market and Sector Development
Social Traders


Mark began working with social enterprises in 2001 in a community where dysfunction was the norm and unemployment was pervasive. Over the next 8 years he saw the extraordinary impact that that social enterprise could generate when harnessed, nurtured and supported to solve critical social issues. In 2008 he was one of the founders of Social Traders where he continues to work as the Head of Market and Sector Development. His work now centres on opening new markets for social enterprise goods and services through procurement. Over the last six years Social Traders has played a critical role in influencing government and corporate Australia to send tens of millions of dollars from social enterprise. Mark has procured from social enterprise, he has run social enterprises and he has been a supporter and lobbyist for social enterprise.


Social Traders empower social enterprises to transform communities throughout Australia, their vision is a world where the market is used to deliver sustainable social outcomes.