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Michael Bradley

Managing Partner
Marque Lawyers

Michael Bradley is a lawyer and writer. He is the Managing Partner of Marque Lawyers, which was created in 2008 with the singular ambition of completely changing the way law is practised. Ditching timesheets and the mindless pursuit of profit, Marque’s purpose is to demonstrate (by doing it) that it’s possible for lawyers to be socially useful and agents for positive change while still running a viable business and winning at netball. Michael is considered something of a maverick in the legal industry, attracting both admiration and disregard and not minding either. He writes extensively about law, politics and social issues, in a weekly column on ABC’s The Drum among other places. He also wrote a book called Kill all the Lawyers, presumably ironically.


The team at Marque Lawyers believe time costing makes no sense – changing the mindset that the fees charged are a direct reflection of the value of the work done.