Our program is designed to bring you ideas from the very edge and people who are the thinkers and doers leading the charge toward a purpose-driven world. They each bring a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of purpose-driven business.


Michael Eales

Business Models Inc.

Michael is Partner for international design and strategy firm Business Models Inc. responsible for the Australian and New Zealand offices. Business Models Inc is producer of the worldwide bestseller Business Model Generation (over 1 million copies sold worldwide since 2009). As a strategist and coach to teams seeking purposeful growth and change, Michael supports people navigate the complexity of the 21st century by embedding innovation as a process and strategy as an experience.

The team at Business Models Inc believe an organisation is just a group of people assembled to work together toward a common purpose — purpose that is used to shape and guide the impact people are trying to achieve together. As a result of an outdated way of working, many organisations that are shaping our future — for better or worse — treat the alignment of purpose and people as an operational challenge, rather than see it as a cultural one. Our focus is to help our clients learn and adapt to new ways of working, to build capability, not co-dependence, and provide the tools, skills and mindset that leads to sustainable change.