The world is changing faster than ever. Power is shifting. There are new rules. How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves? We’re exploring these questions through themes which will be your sign posts on the Purpose playing field.


21st century economics

21st century economics
21st century economics

If you look at politics today, it’s hard not to conclude the economy is being run for the benefit of big business. But there’s push back – a growing recognition of the failure of our existing systems to adequately account for everything that affects our well-being. To explore this topic, we’ll host a discussion of the changing measures of success, the new understanding of value and the glaring gaps in our current economic and accounting systems which have the potential to disrupt capitalism and even democracy.


Purpose sessions around this theme include…


Reshaping Capitalism and Redefining Success in Business

DAY 1 | 9am, The Playhouse

Dive straight into Purpose with top thinkers and leaders to guide us through the evolution of capitalism and prepare us for the future of business.

SPEAKERS Alicia Darvall – Executive Director, B Lab Australia (facilitator). Matt Perry – CEO Conscious Capitalism Australia. Felicity Ford – Co-founder & Operations Director, Future Business Council. Jane Gleeson-White – Author, Six Capitals.


Measures Beyond Money

DAY 1 | 11am, The Playhouse

Going deep on one of the big themes of Purpose, 21st century economics, we’ll take a look at these million dollar questions: what will 21st century companies and economies look like? How will we understand value in the future? Will true cost accounting ever go mainstream, and how are companies responding now?

SPEAKERS Matthew Bell – Executive Director, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young. Josi Heyerdahl – Corporate Account Manager, WWF Australia. Stuart Palmer – Head of Ethics, Australian Ethical Investment. Matt Wicking (facilitator)


More From Less

Day 1 | 1.10pm, The Playhouse

The World Economic Forum estimates the circular economy to be worth $1 trillion worldwide and $26 billion in Australia by 2025. Get to know some of the leaders in regenerative business and the circular economy.

SPEAKERS Candice Quartermain – Founder & Program Director, Circular Economy Australia (Facilitator). Malcolm Rands – Founder & CEO, ecostore. Jason & Kim Graham-Nye – Co-founders, G Diapers. Clinton Squires – Managing Director & Senior Vice President Aust & NZ, Interface


The Next Boom

DAY 1 | 1.10pm, The Commons – Basement

Solidifying the purpose-driven business sector and building its power and influence.

SPEAKERS Tom Quinn – Co-founder & Executive Director, Future Business Council. Felicity Ford – Co-founder & Operations Director, Future Business Council.


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