The world is changing faster than ever. Power is shifting. There are new rules. How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves? We’re exploring these questions through themes which will be your sign posts on the Purpose playing field.


Business skills for today’s world

Business skills for today’s world
Business skills for today’s world

Navigating your way through the wild, new world of startups and purpose-driven business models can be daunting – so we’ve given some thought to the skills you need to call this place home. Join us for workshops on; values, frames, mindfulness, crowdfunding, digital marketing, storytelling, branding and design thinking. We’ll make sure you have at least a taste of the skills needed for the fast-paced, agile, purpose-driven business world of the future.


Purpose sessions around this theme include…


Starting Something

DAY 1 | 11am, The Den

From crowdfunding to seed funding and seeking investment – how do you keep your bank balance healthy while also keeping purpose your purpose in tact? We’ll learning about starting up, funding, incubation and investment for purpose-driven enterprises.

SPEAKERS Geoff Gourley – Social Entrepreneur, Impact Investment Fund, One10 (facilitator). Tom Dawkins – Founder & CEO, StartSomeGood. Mark Daniels, Head of Market & Sector Development, Social Traders. Lauren Capelin – Head of Venture Community, Reinventure Group.


Values and Frames in Business

DAY 1 | 1.10pm, The Den

This session will help you understand why values and frames matter, and how you can use them to create a values-led business and a better world.

SPEAKER Eleanor Glenn – Values & Frames Expert, Common Cause Australia.


Purpose-led Disruption

DAY 1 | 2.50pm, The Playhouse

Get to know the people and stories behind the brands that have completely disrupted their industries through purpose-led innovation.

SPEAKERS Karen James – Author & Founder, On Purpose Hub (Facilitator). James Moody – CEO & Founder, Sendle. Simon Griffiths – Founder, Shebeen and Who Gives a Crap. Mark Daniels – Head of Market & Sector Development, Social Traders. Suzanne Boccalatte – Founder, Boccalatte. Ben Burge – CEO, Powershop.


Pitfalls & Air Punches: The Road to Social Enterprise Success

DAY 2 | 11am, The Playhouse

Get into the heads of some of the most successful social enterprise leaders out there. Find out what worked, what didn’t and most importantly, what they learned and can share with us.

SPEAKERS Matt Wicking (Facilitator). Tom Dawkins – Founder & CEO, StartSomeGood. Chris Raine – Founder & CEO, Hello Sunday Morning. Anna Robertson – Founder, YEVU.


How to Community

DAY 2| 1pm, The Playhouse

At the heart of every successful brand is a community of passionate users propelling it forward. Our panel have all managed the impossible: to infuse meaning and purpose amongst a group of strangers. But are they?

SPEAKERS Helen Souness – Managing Director, Etsy Australia. James Meldrum – Founder & CEO, Whole Kids. Lauren Capelin – Head of Venture Community, Reinventure Group.


Mindfulness and Quality Relationships in the Workplace

DAY 2 | 1pm, The Commons – Basement

Mindfulness not only reduces stress and aids productivity, but improves the quality of interaction between people.

SPEAKER Johanna Scott – Founder, Make Do Co


Shit, Did We Just Disrupt the Green Conversation?

DAY 2 | 1pm, The Den

Join Caro and Vanessa from The Unfuckers as they take you through how they built a highly engaged and eco enthusiastic following without any budget, use of cat videos or by having the blessed name (or talent) of Justin Bieber.

SPEAKERS Caroline Shields – Co-founder, The Unfuckers. Vanessa Morrish – Co-founder, The Unfuckers.


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