The world is changing faster than ever. Power is shifting. There are new rules. How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves? We’re exploring these questions through themes which will be your sign posts on the Purpose playing field.


Companies of the future

Companies of the future
Companies of the future

Successful companies in the future will be those that solve problems rather than create new ones. At the same time, technology and social transformation are changing our understanding of work, workplaces, what makes teams tick and what defines a business. So what will organisations of the future look like? Come with us as we gaze into our crystal ball and talk about flat structures, values-led leadership, remote and flexible working, the ethics of technology, workforce automation and meaningful work.


Purpose sessions around this theme include…


Keeping Technology Human

DAY 1 | 1.10pm, The Commons, Courtyard

Does being a purpose-driven business make the ethical use of technology easier? We speak to three experts who use technology to harness and speak to the best in us, about the opportunities and threats they see in a brave new world of datadriven & automated everything.

SPEAKERS Yvonne Lee – Executive Producer & Co-founder, Wildwon (facilitator). Imogen Baxter – Head of Business Development, Sendle. Daniel Stone – Co-founder, Principle Co. Brad Lorge


The Next Boom

Day 1 | 1.10pm, The Commons – Basement

Solidifying the purpose-driven business sector and building its power and influence.

SPEAKERS Tom Quinn – Co-founder & Executive Director, Future Business Council. Felicity Ford – Co-founder & Operations Director, Future Business Council.


Purpose-led Disruption

DAY 1 | 2.50pm, The Playhouse

Get to know the people and stories behind the brands that have completely disrupted their industries through purpose-led innovation.

SPEAKERS Karen James – Author & Founder, On Purpose Hub (Facilitator). James Moody – CEO & Founder, Sendle. Simon Griffiths – Founder, Shebeen and Who Gives a Crap. Mark Daniels – Head of Market & Sector Development, Social Traders. Suzanne Boccalatte – Founder, Boccalatte. Ben Burge – CEO, Powershop.


Stories That Started with Purpose

DAY 2 | 9am, The Playhouse

Hear the inspirational founding stories of some of the leaders in purpose-driven business. Hear how their incredible ideas achieved national and international success while maintaining purpose at the core of their business. Plus, of course, a look at their inspiring personal stories.

SPEAKERS Damien Walsh – Managing Director, Bank Australia. Audette Exel – Founder, Adara group. Abigail Forsyth – Co-founder & Managing Director, KeepCup. Matt Wicking (Facilitator)


Becoming a B Corp

DAY 2 | 11am, The Den

Join Executive Director of B Lab Australia, Alicia Darvall to find out more about becoming a B Corporation in Australia.

SPEAKER Alicia Darvall – B Lab Australia and New Zealand.


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