The world is changing faster than ever. Power is shifting. There are new rules. How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves? We’re exploring these questions through themes which will be your sign posts on the Purpose playing field.


Different By Design

Different By Design
Different By Design

Good design makes for a better world. It turns waste into a resource, outsmarts the competition and builds beautiful experiences. While the category is gaining momentum, design thinking is still in its infancy when it comes to application to business and our greatest environmental and social challenges. Over two days, we’ll discover how the design process informs the ethos, production and strategies of some of the leading purpose-driven companies in the world.


Purpose sessions around this theme include…


Better Business by Design

DAY 1 | 11am, The Commons – Courtyard

Design-led companies are applying design tools and methodologies to improving the world, and to communicate their purpose.

SPEAKERS Suzanne Boccalatte – Founder, Boccalatte. Chris Raine – Founder & CEO, Hello Sunday Morning. Yvonne Lee – Executive Producer & co-founder, Wildwon. James McDermott, Co-founder, Dresden Optics.


More From Less

DAY 1 | 1.10pm, The Playhouse

The World Economic Forum estimates the circular economy to be worth $1 trillion worldwide and $26 billion in Australia by 2025. Get to know some of the leaders in regenerative business and the circular economy.

SPEAKERS Candice Quartermain – Founder & Program Director, Circular Economy Australia (Facilitator). Malcolm Rands – Founder & CEO, ecostore. Jason & Kim Graham-Nye – Co-founders, G Diapers. Clinton Squires – Managing Director & Senior Vice President Aust & NZ, Interface.


Shit, Did We Just Disrupt the Green Conversation?

DAY 2 | 1pm, The Den

Join Caro and Vanessa from The Unfuckers as they take you through how they built a highly engaged and eco enthusiastic following without any budget, use of cat videos or by having the blessed name (or talent) of Justin Bieber.

SPEAKERS Caroline Shields – Co-founder, The Unfuckers. Vanessa Morrish – Co-founder, The Unfuckers.

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