The world is changing faster than ever. Power is shifting. There are new rules. How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves? We’re exploring these questions through themes which will be your sign posts on the Purpose playing field.


Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work
Meaningful Work

There’s a growing shift towards work with meaning. While this is tremendous, the cultural change required to offer meaningful careers and relationships sometimes takes hard work to achieve – no matter what stage of business you’re at. We’ll look at strategies to facilitate a purpose-driven life and career for you and your employees, as well as how to hold onto the positive company values and culture you’ve worked so hard to build.


Purpose sessions around this theme include…


Values-Led Leadership

DAY 2 | 11am, The Commons – Courtyard

Having purpose-led business ideals are one thing, but infusing them into the core of your organisation – the people and culture – is something completely different. Learn how these great leaders and leading organisations do it.

SPEAKERS Sarah Fortuna – GM, Centre for Workplace Leadership (facilitator. Jason Clarke – Mindworker, Minds at Work & Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Jirra Lulla Harvey – Director, Kalinya Communications. Stuart Palmer – Head of Ethics, Australian Ethical Investment.


‘What Drives us to Make a Difference’

Day 2 | 11am, Adventure Club

For most of us at Purpose, we already know that we want to make a difference and have set about doing it. This session helps us take a step back and ask: Why does making a difference matter to us? And why are we driven to do this?

SPEAKER Daniel Teitelbaum – Head of Curriculum, The School of Life.


Mindfulness and Quality Relationships in the Workplace

Day 2 | 1pm, The Commons – Basement

Mindfulness not only reduces stress and aids productivity, but improves the quality of interaction between people.

SPEAKER Johanna Scott – Founder, Make Do Co.


Meaningful Work

Day 2 | 2.30pm, The Playhouse

Join our panel as they talk about people’s growing desire for purpose in their working lives – and/or the fact that it never went away. Find out what they’ve discovered from far corners of the earth, or from the corner office, and the practices and principles these experts recommend.

SPEAKERS Kyra Maya Phillips – Writer, Reader, Listener, Misfit Economy. Michael Bradley – Managing Partner Marque Lawyers. Sarah Fortuna – Operations Manager, Centre for Workplace Leadership. Dr Jason Fox – Bestselling Author, Speaker & Advisor, Making Clever Happen.

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