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How Purpose 2015 influenced positive change

Dom Sammut
How Purpose 2015 influenced positive change

Purpose invited 2015 attendee and Mezzanine’s Lead Developer Dom Sammut to provide a recap of his experience and how it has influenced change within his team.

We think the internet is inherently a certain way, but it isn’t. It is constantly changing, and we are the ones who are changing it. We can change it for the better, rather than having to change ourselves to adapt to the parts that are toxic for us.
– Sarah Bray, Author of Gather The People, quoted in Issue 13 of Offscreen Magazine.

Purpose was a mind-opening experience. I’m not exactly the typical person you would think to benefit from this kind of event, but I sure did. I’m the Lead Developer for local conscious-branding consultancy and studio, Mezzanine, which is based in Newcastle.

Going into Purpose, I wasn’t too sure what to expect or how it could directly correlate with the everyday processes of my working role. The Mezza’ team are very much about people-centered solutions; I’ve always been mindful of what a person’s online experience could be like and made it my mission to enhance that experience… but I didn’t think it was part of my role to lead internally in the capacity that I’ve been able to since Purpose 2015.

I was able to walk away with a deeper understanding of how I can take ownership of what I do and guide others in the team to do so as well. That’s how positive change starts… with my decision to make it happen.

See, I also realised that I didn’t need to be at the top to make a difference. During day two of Purpose, I learnt how to instill values into the leadership of an organisation. Even though our team leaders Luke, Shane and Nikki are all conscious and purpose-driven by nature, embedding our company’s core values into behaviours that directly affect how our everyday processes are carried out is a lot more achievable than I initially thought.

Simple things like making sure I’m constantly honest with not only my peers but also our clients – good or bad. Most of us instinctively do this – when it’s the easy path. But making the mindful choice to be honest when things aren’t going well exposed a vulnerability, which allows people to more easily relate to you, understand the situation and in turn, build trust. These values are not unique or exclusive to those at the top. Instead of expecting them to pave the way, I am now empowered by them and this new knowledge, to lead within my role and encourage others in the Mezza’ family to seek more within theirs.

Not only have I been able to collaborate and work with people I met last year at Purpose, but our team has grown in the ways of harnessing even more of our higher purpose on a personal and business level. So yes, don’t miss out on this year’s conference. It’s worth every minute!

Dom Sammut develops online experiences, but when you ask him what he loves most about his job, he will say ‘people’ before you’ve even finished your question. He joined the Mezzanine team in 2013 as the enterprising Lead Developer, leading the technical arm of our operations. Dom brings a strong and experienced understanding of using an online web presence to its full potential and loves nothing more than being presented with a big juicy digital challenge to obliterate.


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