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Behind the Scenes at Purpose

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Behind the Scenes at Purpose


None of what Purpose is known for would be possible without some incredibly skilled professionals we choose to work with, like AV1 who are *so* good at what they do, are there every step of the way with us and know our venue COMMUNE (another amazing partner) like the back of their hand.

We also have the pleasure of working with Dan the Man on our food menu, Nino Workshop building our stage and theming set pieces plus a whole host of other technically and creatively brilliant people.

As promised, here are some shots behind the scenes and an explanation of what on earth these things are.

Dying fabric which will become part of the set design for the main stage


Making pockets which will become home to phones while they are charging


Lanyards and strings


Our team hard at work painting recycled cardboard boxes to make theming pieces



The only and only Georgia Hill @georgiahillbth sign writer and mural artist


Our program about to go to print


Cute badges that will be part of a chill-out zone where you can get some ‘me time’


Guess what?


Laura and Tim from AV1 scoping out the space at COMMUNE


This will one day be a psychedelic purple stage rock / set piece. Don’t believe us? Come and see it for yourself. Tickets at


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