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In early 2017, Mike Davis created Humans of Purpose, recognising the lack of local podcast content highlighting the important contribution of purpose-driven leaders to the business, start-up, social enterprise, creative and social sectors.

Since then, Mike has cultivated a large and growing audience who tune in to our weekly conversations with purpose-driven leaders.
Humans of Purpose has fast become the #1 Australian podcast destination for purpose-driven leaders and listeners.

We occupy a unique position in the Australian podcast market and focus on people and organisations that create positive social impact. Our intention is to create meaningful conversations with inspiring and purpose-driven leaders from our community.

Our podcast challenges our guests and audience to consider some of the bigger questions in life and contemplate our guest’s journeys, insights and reflections on their life and career journey, purpose, social impact and connection with community. Humans of Purpose has recorded nearly 30 episodes, has a vibrant and fast growing community of around 500 listeners and provides a unique medium and format to connect with inspiring and impactful ideas that contribute to positive social change.

Humans of Purpose is a project by Mike’s ethical consultancy – Purposeful. Purposeful is a proud B Corp, helping not for profits and businesses to create, measure and communicate social impact. Purposeful were recently awarded by B Labs as ‘Best for the World 2017’ winners across the Community and Overall categories, placing Purposeful in the highest scoring 10% of B Corps globally.

Humans of Purpose is excited to partner with Purpose as a great opportunity to bring Humans of Purpose to a live audience at Australia’s premiere conference for purpose-driven business. This is an ideal opportunity to work with a fellow B Corp organisation committed to creating meaningful experiences to strengthen businesses community connection and social conscience.


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