Book Pharmacy – with Kyra Maya Phillips


Day One


The Bar at Paddington Town Hall

The written word as salve for the soul There’s both magic and medicine in books. An article published in The Atlantic Monthly 100 years ago describes the first sighting of a “literary clinic,” speaking of the healing quality of the written word. Book clubs with a therapeutic nature abound both within homes and outside of them – in prisons, old age homes, and half way houses. The power of books is being extolled everywhere you go. Drawing on this concept of reading as medicine, our resident book pharmacist Kyra Maya Phillips will be speaking about life as a bibliophile. Kyra, who has a long history of expertly recommending books to others, will delve into the wondrous life and power of books, and provide guidance on not only what to read, but how to derive meaning from what we read. How do we choose how to spend our brief time alive? How do we create and sustain meaningful and joyful relationships with others and with ourselves? How do we reckon with loss? Ultimately: how do you live well? It is through books that we can begin to explore these questions that lie at the centre of the human experience. Come with questions, stories, insight, and leave with a book prescription that is tailored to your individual life experiences. Consider The Book Pharmacy as a brief meditation, as an attempt to know, as John Williams so beautifully put it in “Stoner,” “something through words that could not be put into words.”


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