Better by Design


Day Two


We all find it hard to do the right thing all the time. But what if the choice was taken out of our hands and the right decison was always the simple one? These speakers are working on incredible projects that use beautiful design, considered technology and high tech infrastructure to build in better decisions and better otucomes for humans and communities. One is a platform that directs funds towards your favourite cause as you shop online – with no effort or expense from you. Another is a reusable coffee cup that solves disposable cups to landfill but also gets people hooked via a platform and smart chip that lets you pay for coffee without cash (genius). Finally, Rohan is an expert in designing tech products than enhance human well-being – and has learned a lot of lessons along the way about how we can design well-being into everything. He thinks that mindfulness, happiness and peace of mind can be built into every piece of popular technology – so that we all feel better, not worse, as a result of using technology.


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