Social Procurement 101


Day Two


An introduction to the sleeping giant that is social procurement – an untapped resource for your organisation’s positive impact

“Procurement is the greatest untapped tool for social change” – Mark Daniels, Purpose 2015

Governments, companies and NGOs spend millions of dollars each year procuring goods and services, and often don’t give thought to the positive social or environmental impact thatcould be achieved by adding social impact to their purchasing criteria. A few lines in a procurement policy can have a huge influence on an organisation’s positive impact, and a well-thought out social procurement policy can create sweeping positive change through supply chains.

In this session you’ll find out what social procurement is, the way in which social value can be delivered and the procurement tweaks that might be appropriate for your organisation. You’ll take away tools that can be utilised in the delivery of social outcomes – and you’ll hear case studies from the social procurement space about how to make changes to supply chains that unlock untapped impact potential.


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