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Andy Marks

Program Director, Fix and Make
Social Entrepreneur

Andy Marks has a passion for supporting the environment whilst nurturing the human spirit. To achieve these ends, Andy’s work is wide and varied.

As originator and Program Director of Fix and Make, an initiative jointly funded by Hotel Hotel, Molonglo Group and ACT Government, Andy has curated a program of over forty workshops, panel discussions and exhibitions challenging our relationship to objects. With an emphasis on practical hands-on fixing and making experiences, the program incorporate end-of-life materials including discarded commercial fishing nets, food and beverage packaging, unwanted clothing and broken crockery.

As a social entrepreneur, Andy set up SleepingBags to transform end of life luxury hotel bed linen in to bags and accessories adorned by commissioned artworks. Among leading hotel customers, Marriott have bought products for 10,000 rooms in the UK, and the enterprise has repurposed over 11,000 kilos of bed linen to date.


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