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Carlie Ballard

Clean Cut

Carlie has been working in the sustainable fashion space in a diverse range of roles for over seven years.

Her passions lie in fashion that empowers and celebrates the maker, production that nurtures our planet and brings depth, value, transparency and character to the fashion we buy in the developed world. She is fascinated by the exploration of what fashion says about us and the periods in time it captures.

She has her own eponymous label which reflects her interest in the beautiful, age-old tradition of handweaving: her production is powered by a small female-run workshop in India.

Carlie wasn’t satisfied with just having a label and sought to achieve awareness of the importance of ethics, sustainability, and transparency in the fashion industry, too. So, together with Kelly Elkin, Carlie founded the Clean Cut Fashion Association, an industry body which advocates for change within the fashion industry, and which launched during MBFWA in 2014. Since then, Carlie has had numerous speaking and consulting roles on ethics in fashion, including helping to develop the value system which underpins Well Made Clothes. 


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