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Geoff Manchester

Co-founder, Director
Intrepid Travel

Globally recognised as a pioneer in responsible travel, Geoff ‘Manch’ Manchester is the co-founder of The Intrepid Group, the world’s largest provider of adventure travel experiences, and Chairman of the company’s not-for- profit The Intrepid Foundation.

With a vision of creating small group adventures that travelled the local way, benefiting both travellers and the places that they visit, Intrepid’s co-founders believed that long-term success would be achieved by creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders, including travellers, staff, and communities.

Manch has ensured Intrepid delivers on its sustainable and responsible ethos as the company has grown rapidly over the past 27 years, from championing practical, on the ground decisions involving low impact travel, to setting and implementing company-wide responsible travel strategies.


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