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The Planthunter

The Planthunter is the love child of Sydney based writer and landscape designer Georgina Reid. It’s the culmination of the many years Georgina has spent pondering, exploring, and documenting the various ways humans relate to the natural world as a designer, writer and thinker.

As well as keeping The Planthunter on the straight and narrow, Georgina writes a regular garden column for Australia’s most popular design blog, The Design Files, is the gardens writer for Belle Magazine, and occasionally contributes to Green MagazineBroadsheet and other culture and lifestyle publications. She’s sometimes asked to speak at events like Vivid and Melbourne Writers Festival, and is regularly interviewed by various print and online publications.

Then there’s the workshops she runs at her Marrickville botanical lab. So much plant love to share, so little time… She even squeezes in some design consulting sometimes. Most of the time, though, she’s running around like a mad lady talking, writing, and thinking about life, with plants.

Georgina Reed

"Of course, it all comes back to three words. Life, with plants. You see, there’s no human life without plants – we’re inextricably linked. This simple little fact is why we do what we do."


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