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Karina Seljak

Seljak Brand

Karina is a designer and brand developer, a storyteller, and an entrepreneur. She facilitates attitude shifts of individuals and communities through her dedication to creating meaningful products and sharing their stories. Training Fine Art Fashion and Business in Brisbane, she came to Sydney by way of the handcrafted food movement in Brooklyn New York, where she produced and marketed locally made cocktail syrups with Morris Kitchen. It was here she began to perceive the opportunity to use waste as a resource and the collaborative nature essential to this new model.
She is now co-founder and director of Seljak Brand, with her sister. A consumer facing waste-to-resource business, Seljak Brand is finding ways of making and using beautiful things that are regenerative by design. Their recycled wool blankets use offcuts from the factory floor of Australia’s oldest mill in Tasmania. Incorporating a collection service, their closed loop model allows diversion of waste from landfill. For every 10 blankets sold, one is sent to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Victoria.

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