Our program is designed to bring you ideas from the very edge and people who are the thinkers and doers leading the charge toward a purpose-driven world. They each bring a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of purpose-driven business.



Marguerite Pettit

Senior Campaign Strategist
Purpose, New York

Marguerite is a senior campaigner at Purpose in New York where she works on the Purpose Climate Lab, helping to accelerate the solutions to climate change. She has worked as a strategy consultant to fortune 500 companies on CSR and consulted to leading campaigning organisations on digital communications and campaigning.

Marguerite is passionate about helping companies to use their power and assets for good. Whether it’s convincing them to dip a toe into public advocacy or helping to create their social mission, she believes that companies occupy a unique space, one that comes with a growing expectation from consumers to lead with purpose.

Marguerite has a Bachelor of Social Sciences and a Masters in Environmental Law from the University of Sydney. Her research on carbon finance, the private sector and human rights was published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law.


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