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Prof. Veena Sahajwalla

Founder, Director

Veena is an ARC Laureate Fellow and founding Director of the Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) Centre at the University of New South Wales, Australia. As one of the world's leading innovators in the field of sustainable materials and an international award-winning scientist and engineer, she is passionate about transforming waste produced by modern society into value added green materials. Her research in partnership with industry partners, including OneSteel – has resulted in a world-first, patented, environmentally-friendly process called Polymer Injection Technology. This technology is for recycling end-of- life plastics/rubber in electric arc furnace steelmaking, resulting in the production of ‘Green Steel’. This work is making a contribution towards creating innovative, green manufacturing, science and technology for the building and construction sectors as well as consumer products. Veena’s leadership of the SMaRT Centre is resulting in developing a global change in sustainable materials and the how we value and reduce waste in the future.


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