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Join our growing community of purpose-driven people from around Sydney, Australia and the rest of the world. Find things out first, and get access to the people and resources you need to get you closer to your destination with people on the same path as you.

Our eternal quest is to convene a simply superb selection of speakers and guests to deliver a most remarkable live experience. Here’s just some of them.

Kate McCready

Kate McCready

Work-Life Coach,
Human Centred Designer,
Founder of CoFolk

Kate McCready is a coach, speaker and human centred designer obsessed with the human experience of work. Kate works with organisations and individuals to evolve their work-lives, workplaces or life’s work for meaningful impact, personal wellbeing and activate their true potential. She is the founder of CoFolk: a community of changemakers co-creating a future of work and business that is more conscious, connected, compassionate, courageous and human. She is also the host of the Good Work Revolution podcast.

“When I’m at Purpose, I feel like I’m with ‘my people’. People who get how important it is that we take a more conscious approach to the work we do and the organisations we build. The production quality of the event is also the best I’ve seen and I always walk away inspired, motivated and with a bunch of new friends.”

Matt Kendall

Matt Kendall

Founder & Director
Fromm & CoCircle

Matt is Founder and Director of strategic consultancy Fromm and creative network CoCircle. Matt launched Fromm and CoCircle in the belief that a co-operative model of distributed and autonomous specialists is the future of work, a future that is decentralised, distributed, collaborative and, therefore, a whole lot more human.

“Purpose is the best way I know to find the others, to hear the lessons and insights from smartest people doing what’s good and great out there on the perimeter, to make new connections, get inspired, riff on new ideas and build out a network of legends. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Wildwon crew will make this Purpose better than the last. Because you know they will.”

Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox

Bestselling Author, Leadership Adviser
Keynote Speaker of the Year (2016)

Dr Jason Fox is a modern day wizard-rogue, author and leadership adviser. Oft sought after for his pioneering philosophies and expertise in motivation design, Dr Fox shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to unlock new and meaningful progress – amidst a volatile sea of complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity, paradox and doubt.

“The Purpose conference by Wildwon is a veritable nexus of pragmatic inspiration for those seeking to lead meaningfully in business. The whole experience is unlike any other event – unique, compelling and completely congruent.”

Sara Rickards

Sara Rickards

Re:Purpose for Good

Re:Purpose for Good was a business idea that Sara hatched up at last year’s Purpose conference. A year on, the initiative repurposes plastic and e-waste to make robotic prosthetics. In her spare time she is also the Co-founder of F*ckgiving – a contagious movement designed to unlock human potential – and a Program Manager at The Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Sara is on a mission to unlock human potential and specialises in creating connected and conscious communities towards a regenerative impact. Sara loves Purpose so much that she carries one of our Purpose bags everywhere she goes!

“Purpose allows me to tap into all of the most awesome humans in the purpose-driven business space. It leaves you with a bursting heart and charged up with energy to launch into the year!”

Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien


Tim is the founder of Hatched, an advisory firm that designs impact models that have purpose at the core. He helps businesses articulate why they exist, and strategically designs their businesses to do good and be impactful. He believes business is a powerful force for change and brings a human approach and practical business perspective when designing and implementing purpose-based models.

“There is so much happening at Purpose. So many amazing people to meet, conversations, music, a few surprises and of course amazing speakers. Every session is packed with interesting information, learnings, failures and great supportive debate. Attending Purpose gives me that injection to go back into the business world and continue to transform it.”

Kyra Maya Phillips

Kyra Maya Phillips


Kyra is the co-author of The Misfit Economy, a book which chronicles stories of creativity from informal and dark markets around the globe. She is also a co-founder of The Point People, a collective of innovators, artists and entrepreneurs committed to driving systemic change for a more equitable society, and has written for and appeared in publications, conferences and events around the world.

“I keep coming back to the Purpose conference because of the fullness of the experience. Usually, conferences seek to nurture only one aspect of a human being but Purpose cultivates on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. You come out of it with a good sense of what is and isn’t meaningful.”


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