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What if… we could create a breakthrough in research to accelerate recovery from serious injuries?

icare is a social venture, positioned to disrupt the role of a foundation and redefine how we think about insurance and care.

With an ability to seed fund and partner for ‘best-in-class’ collaboration, the icare foundation brings a progressive, innovative solution focused approach to safeguarding the wellbeing of the people of New South Wales.

We’re not your traditional foundation and we’re changing the game for good.

What if… we could care for the carers?

We believe that only by seeing care as a community phenomenon can we deliver the best possible care for the individuals within it.

We see carers, families and other organisations – businesses, governments, research institutions – as integral to ensuring that every person in NSW feels not just physically but also mentally well.

We invest in promising programs and explore ground breaking methodologies that connect the entire chain of care in the belief that we can create a care system that works better for everyone.


At icare, we deliver world-class insurance and care services to the businesses, people and communities of NSW.

Whether a person is severely injured in the workplace or on our roads, icare supports their long-term care needs to improve quality of life, including helping people return to work.

We also insure more than 284,000 NSW employers and their 3.4 million employees. With more than $32 billion in assets, we are one of the largest insurance providers in Australia.

We’re made up of six schemes that are committed to delivering better cover, treatment and care to the people of NSW.

We are passionate about changing people’s lives by being there for them when they need us most. Our aspiration is to create the best possible outcome for every person and organisation we serve, delivered through a fair, respectful and empathetic experience that is focused on the person not the process.


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