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Marque Lawyers will turn 10 in 2018, which is old for an upstart law firm but young for a bunch of humans, a neat contradiction which happily also defines the paradox of being a purpose-led business.

You see, while we feel like a bunch of kids who’ve found the key to unlocking the secret of how to be lawyers and happy at the same time, we also mostly wear shoes in the office and we do legal work of deadly serious complexity for clients who are anything but immature.

We’ve been doing it for 10 years, which means there are no Deliveroo options we’ve yet to explore, and we have learned a Wikipedia-sized amount about what it means in practice to be a business which stands outside the crowd and refuses to do things the way they’ve always been done. Hint: it’s not easy.

Marque is an actual law firm, no lie. We comprise 40-ish lawyers, support staff, a Zoo Keeper and Wildlife Coordinator. We do mind-bending work for corporates mega to nano in size, social enterprises and not-for-profits. We pursue a human rights agenda at the same time, for no reasons other than that we want to and we know we can make a difference.

We’re a B Corp, because we’ve always been. We support Purpose because it’s our tribe.

We don’t do timesheets, lawyer suits, pompous alienating arrogance or sentences starting with “It depends”.

We play premiership-winning netball and get routinely flogged at basketball. We drink B Corp beer and eat a lot of haloumi because seriously is there anything better than the smell of haloumi cooking on a sandwich press?

But back to the paradox. What we’ve learned in the evolution of our business can be boiled down to two things: organisations which sustain with purpose are those who learn to embrace, no, love the inevitability of change in a dynamic world.

The second thing: the law, which is why we exist as a business, is not and was never meant to be merely a set of rules which get in the way. And lawyers weren’t meant to be navigators around the shoals. Law’s rightful place is as a force for social good. Our job is to make it so.

Marque’s ambitions are shamelessly big. We aim to change the world. Law is our chosen toolbox. It’s what we’re good at. It’s what we love doing. Watch us.

“The first two Purpose conferences were the best two conference in world history, no exaggeration.” - Michael Bradley, Managing Director


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