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Silver Chef Group is the over-arching company, comprised of Silver Chef (hospitality) and GoGetta (other industries).

It was at a US trade show in 1985 that the idea for Silver Chef was born. Seeing that the American home delivery pizza market was booming, and convinced of the market’s potential for growth in Australia, Allan English, Silver Chef’s founder and Managing Director, and a business partner, invested heavily in conveyor ovens.

Unfortunately, it soon became clear that many pizza businesses could not afford to buy them. The solution? The ovens were rented at affordable rates which assisted young entrepreneurs to enter a booming market place. Later, Allan bought out his partner and devised a funding option that enabled small businesses to procure the equipment they needed, without committing large amounts of capital up-front.

The new option, called Rent-Try-Buy®, is a simple 12 month agreement where the customer rents the equipment, and if they wish to purchase the asset there is a 75% rental rebate off the purchase price. This has been at the centre of the Silver Chef success story ever since.

Silver Chef listed on the ASX in 2005 and after many successful years providing a flexible funding option to the hospitality market, opportunity presented to broaden the product to fund the greater commercial equipment market. In 2008 GoGetta was launched, a division of Silver Chef Limited, offering flexible funding to small business owners outside of hospitality, particularly focused on the transport and construction industries.

Silver Chef has an association with Opportunity International (OIA), a leading provider and pioneer of socially focused mircrofinance in developing countries. Silver Chef support OIA through fundraising and indirectly by providing office space.

Silver Chef ‘s mission is to “help people achieve their dreams”. This is three fold – for the careers of Silver Chef employees, the financing of equipment for small businesses and through microfinancing people out of poverty.

"The B Corporation certification is a validation of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It reinforces that, as a business, our core values and culture, which encompass helping others, are as much of a focus as bottom line profitability. The recognition will enable us to create a strategy that will ensure our social impact can be shared and expanded." - Allan English, Founder and Managing Director


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