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Paul Hawken thinks we’re so good

Sally Hill
Paul Hawken thinks we’re so good

I have been a fan and follower of Paul Hawken since I first heard about the concept of Natural Capitalism, read his work, heard him speak and also learned about the impact that his book The Ecology of Commerce had on some of the businesses I most admire.

When I approached him to speak at Purpose, this guy, who is mates with Al Gore, the Clintons, commands huge audiences all over the world and has a long life of the most inspiring environmentalism, personally wrote back to my email.

He not only wrote back, not only agreed to speak at Purpose 2018 but also described what we are doing with Purpose and Wildwon as ‘so good’ and offered to sit down with me and help in any way he could. Who is this man?!?!

I’m looking forward to finding out. And if you’d like to spend some time with him grab your ticket to come along to Purpose 2018!



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