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Adrian Cester is the Founder and CEO of the Australian Organic Food Co, a pioneering Australian food company determined to make a difference, from the ground up. The brand is committed to healthy soil, healthy people and a healthy planet.

Australian Organic Food Co is 100% Australian farmed, grown, processed, manufactured and owned. The company is a co-op that is owned and operated by Australian organic farmers in collaboration with one of Australia’s leading organic-certified manufacturers. With a passion for delicious foods and investment in organic farming, Australian Organic Food Co hopes to keep this sustainable industry alive for generations to come.

Adrian is not new to creating delicious, healthy food, as the owner of leading Australian-owned food manufacturer Flavour Makers, and is now taking the next step forward with sustainable organic food production. Australian Organic Food Co’s first launch is a range of ready-to- eat soups, where customers can trace the journey of the organic ingredients in every batch and see the positive impact on Australian soils — just the start of the movement to support local organic farmers and create more sustainable, healthy food every day.

Adrian Cester

"We can’t keep treating our soil the way we have in the past. There’s a better way, that can help provide our future food security."


Level 2 / 5 Queen St
Chippendale 2008
NSW, Australia

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