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APAC Manager

Armed with global experience spanning entrepreneurship, NGOs, technology, data and CSR, Anne currently looks after Google’s data-driven and human focused philanthropy across Asia Pacific & Oceana.

After strategic consulting for some of America’s largest NPOs, revamping a Fortune 500 company’s CSR policy, and running educational NPO startup programs for marginalized students, Anne ran her own non-profit for 2 years before joining Google in Silicon Valley.  There she joined a startup team working to build and launch an enterprise analytics product, before moving to Australia to grow the products APAC & Oceana presence.  She then launched several additional enterprise products across the region, spanning digital marketing, analytics and big data.

Driven by an unwavering passion to make lasting and scalable social impact, Anne now leverages her cross-sectoral experience to combine systems-level strategic thinking with a modern toolset for larger scale execution of Google’s philanthropy across the region.  She is also a speaker about the power of technology for social innovation, most recently for an Innovation initiative led by the Social Impact & Innovation group for NSW’s Premier & Cabinet.

Anne Ascharsobi

"Without innovation, the next best idea can't emerge. Without creativity, we can't solve the world's hairiest social challenges in a lifetime. Without data, we have no guiding compass. Without courage to diverge from the beaten path, we'll be trapped in dogma which isn't working."


Level 2 / 5 Queen St
Chippendale 2008
NSW, Australia

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