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Black Dog Institute & UNSW

A/Prof Samuel Harvey is a Senior Academic Psychiatrist and leads the Workplace Mental Health Research Program at the Black Dog Institute and University of New South Wales. After initially working as a general practitioner, A/Prof Harvey trained in psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry in London and completed his PhD with the University of London. While working in the UK, A/Prof Harvey worked in a number of specialist clinics focused on treating doctors and medical students with mental health problems. He worked together with the UK Department of Health to develop their response to concerns regarding the mental health of health care professionals, which led to the ‘Invisible Patients’ white paper and the establishment of the highly successful Health Practitioner Program in London.

Since relocating to Australia in 2012, A/Prof Harvey has led a program of research focused on the relationship between work and mental health. His research considers the role work and workplace trauma may have in precipitating mental illness, the occupational outcomes of those already suffering from mental disorders and workplace based interventions for both the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. He has a particular interest in the role that new technology can play in preventing mental health problems amongst workers and the issues faced by high risk workforces, such as emergency service workers and medical staff. Further details about his program of research can be found at

Dr Samuel Harvey

Level 2 / 5 Queen St
Chippendale 2008
NSW, Australia

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