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Co-Creators 'Growing
Up Gracefully' (ABC1)

Hannah and Eliza Reilly are a comedy and creative duo who are co-creators of ‘Growing Up Gracefully’ on ABC TV.

A fascinating social experiment where one sister follows old school etiquette books and the other is guided by tips from modern beauty blogs and instagram models.

Through the lens of the advice that women have been given at different times, the show successfully draws attention to a range of feminist issues.

The show hit a nerve with online audiences with a skit from the show, “Leave at 3:43”, garnering over 7 million views on Facebook alone.

Hannah and Eliza will be speaking at Purpose about their experience creating content tackling social issues and how to cut through the noise on your issue.

Hannah & Eliza Reilly

"By the end of the show we conclude that society is still intent on shaming women into behaving a certain way. We just kind of learn to be brave and just do whatever we want."


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