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Director of Wellness

Kate’s personal and professional purpose is to raise understanding of mental health issues within the corporate world.  Commencing her career working as a psychologist supporting people with psychiatric illness to gain and maintain employment, Kate has seen the incredible positive power of meaning and purpose in work, transform people’s mental health.

After gaining her Masters in Counselling Psychology, Kate has focussed her career on the corporate world via working within the EAP sector, where she was CEO of a national EAP provider, as well as through consulting to business direct where she focussed on supporting leaders transform their leadership behaviours and culture as a fundamental foundation for mentally healthy workplaces.

Kate’s current role is to lead PwC’s Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence.  In this role she provides confidential wellness support to PwC’s 600 partners, as well as leads strategic direction and internal programs and initiatives to drive health & wellbeing for PwC’s 7000 people.

Kate Connors

Level 2 / 5 Queen St
Chippendale 2008
NSW, Australia

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