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Technology is changing us. The future of work is up on us. There’s a new economy emerging, but we’re in some dark and dangerous times. In the midst of all of this, Purpose persists in asking:

  • How can business be a force for positive change in the world and for ourselves?
  • How can we make technology work for the common good?
  • How can we adapt to a transforming world with our humanity in tact?
  • How can businesses, and people, thrive in a landscape where new rules are at play?

The Purpose program of keynotes, hands-on workshops, social events and out-of-the-ordinary creative sessions are what people have come to know and love about Purpose. It’s an expertly designed range of sessions driven by our community. Our initial program for Purpose 2018 will be published very soon.

These are the themes of Purpose 2018, created in consultation with you, our community, driven by in-depth research and formulated through conversations with a huge range of purpose-driven business leaders, experts and thinkers from all over the world.

The ethics of exponential tech

Technology is transforming the way we learn and interact with each other. Is consumer technology and artificial intelligence changing what it means to be human? Will we become ‘unnecessary’? How worried should we be? Or should we be hopeful? What are the ethical implications and how will companies respond to this entirely new set of considerations for corporate responsibility?

This is the terrain of technology, ethics, science fiction, attention, privacy, trust, addiction and humanity. It’s the part bionic arm of the Amazon warehouse worker and what the relationship between ‘the machine and me’ might be.

The ethics of exponential tech

Mental health & human well-being

The future of work is meaningful work. However not everyone is fortunate enough to experience well-being at work, let alone meaning. Mental health of workforces is a serious concern for corporates and startups alike. Meanwhile a culture of purpose and strong employer brand is a huge win for B Corps and others who can provide employees with meaning in their jobs.

We’ll look at diversity and the impact on well-being at work, examining the representation of Indigenous Australians, ethnic diversity, women and young people in boardrooms and throughout the business landscape. Here, the themes of meaningful work and technology overlap as we look at what a healthy relationship with technology means for mental health and well-being.

Mental health & human well-being

Systems change & the new economy

Welcoming the purpose-driven economy means embracing a new economy where regenerative, closed loop business becomes the norm, different forms of value and success are measured and corporate reputation amongst the ‘crowd’ and consumer collectives becomes a powerful currency. An economy where at the extreme end there is no business in abuse or exploitation and at the other end of the spectrum positive voluntary leadership garners significant reward.

This level of transition requires thinking and action at the systems level. But how, exactly, do we do this? At Purpose we’ll walk through key schools of thought and tools we have at hand, to understand transition design, systems change and the new economy.

Systems change & the new economy


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